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TA requests are assessed using the following as a guide:

  • Is it aligned with national or sector infrastructure/food security development priorities? (does it fit with the country’s infrastructure/agriculture/fisheries etc plans, national development/ sustainable plans, national/sector budgets, deliver on MDGs and provide or improve livelihood and/or basic infrastructure needs?)
  • Consistent with and designed to advance the national agenda on CCA and DRR?
  • Exhibit good practice in the implementation of infrastructure and food security projects in relation to CCA and DRR?
  • Does it encourage opportunities for private and community sector involvement?
  • Promote social inclusion and equality and target those at risk?
  • Likely to improve the legal and regulatory processes in the identified sectors?
  • Country-led and supported by the finance and aid coordination agencies?
  • Does it indicate whether it has been discussed with donors, development partners at the national level. If yes, did they support TA request?
  • Encouraging aid effectiveness, country dialogue with donor and development partners showing desire for long-term or increased level of engagement?
Note: Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • Identify the underlying climate change related problem the TA will help to address. Describe how the proposed TA supports, or addresses one of the causes of the problem by creating or strengthening national capacity to effectively respond to these issues. Identify similar previous, current or planned TAs, grants or loans by any development partner; cite 2-3 reasons why the proposed TA is necessary; and describe foreseen scope of the required TA, including identification of beneficiaries of the support. Identify the national development plan, climate change policy or strategy, sector strategy priorities this TA will address.
  • Please indicate support to be provided by Government – e.g. In-country TA ‘manager’, office space, logistical and administration support in organizing necessary meetings, workshops etc)

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